Welcome to Live Music at SPiN New York. SPiN New York offers an intimate live music space for musicians to perform, and fans to enjoy. Live music at SPiN is run by musicians, for musicians. It is our goal to treat artists well and to provide the absolute best sound and overall intimate venue live music experience possible. SPiN is currently hosting live music performances on Friday and Saturday nights, with an occasional Thursday performance. To book your band at SPiN New York, please use the button below. Please also feel free to check out our Upcoming Events, and to look at our Backline page for information regarding our sound.

Live Music Booking // Performer And Promoter Inquiries

Weekly live music takes place in Marty's Room, a private lounge dedicated in honor of legendary ping-pong hustler Marty Reisman


SPiN will be closed

Thu Apr 24 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

SPiN will be closed all day for a private event. ... View event»

Dirty Dozen Pro Ping-Pong Tournament with DJ PRINCE KLASSEN!

Fri Apr 25 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM
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Live Music at SPiN: The Munchies!

Fri Apr 25 8:30 PM - 1:00 AM
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SPiN New York Presents: DJ TODD D!

Sat Apr 26 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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Venue Info // Backline

SPiN Live Music Backline:

Mains: (2) Mackie 450s
Sub: Mackie 1801

Board: Mackie ProFX16 (with digital effects including various reverbs and delay)
Outboard Gear: (2) DBX 166xs compressors

Two Monitor Mixes:
Front of Stage: (2) JBL JRX 112Ms
Back/Drum Wedge: (1) Yamaha BR12M

Pearl Vision Drum Kit (20/16/14/13) w/ Hi Hat Stand, Snare Stand, Two Cymbal Stands, and Drum Throne, drummer should bring her/his own snare, cymbals, kick drum pedal, hi hat clutch and extra felts for cymbals.
Ampeg BA 115 Bass Amp

Microphones: (5) SM58, (3) SM57, Beta 52a
DI Boxes: ProCo passive mono DI; Radial stereo DI

Video Projector
DJ Booth:
2 Technique Turntables, Mixer: Rane with a built in Serato No CDJ. DJ must use Serato. There is a USB. No provided needles or turn table pads.